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Customers frequently pay with cash. How you choose to handle it impacts your business.

With labour costs on the rise, you want to make the best of your resources.

Your highest paid employees traditionally spend the most time handling cash‑costing the business valuable managerial resources.

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Zdravotnictví? Také pracuje s hotovostí!

Jedním z prvních zákazníků naší firmy v oblasti zabezpečené přepravy a zpracování hotovosti byla a stále je jedna z velkých fakultních nemocnic.

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The Right Cash Security for Your Government Organization

Despite the growing popularity of mobile payments, cash is still being heavily used by consumers across the country. With this, many people are still using cash to pay for government fees such as taxes, parking tickets, court fees, and more. This use of cash creates a need to effectively manage cash intake for efficient daily operations in government facilities.

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Managing Cash at University Events

With universities ranging anywhere from 1,000 to 50,000+ students, it’s no surprise that college campuses are prime real estate for special events.

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